full of surprises

Andrea is the name-drea for short :)
college student :)
living life to the fullest each day <3
music nerd, sports nerd, spontaneity is what i live by :)

A six word story  (via inflvx)

(Source: Inflvx, via freaky-n-geeky)

You are all I think about

(Source: cloudhy, via freaky-n-geeky)

I don’t love casually.
When I love, it’s fierce.
It’s my soul ripped
wide open and raw.
It’s my whole heart
on display.
It’s all I have and
everything I know,
handed over to you,
like a gift.
And I hope you
unwrap it gently.

Amir Blumenfeld (via collegehumor)

(via collegehumor)

My life motto is “Hi haters, Bye haters. Oh, hello again, haters. Leave me alone, haters! You’re making me cry, haters! Why, haters, why?!!”
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